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“Your confidence in your ability to build is what makes you special! ”

After graduating with an Economics major and MBA in Marketing and HR, I found myself lost in terms of direction or goal. Executive search chose me more than I chose it. I found my calling in helping leaders live up to their potential. After an eight-year stint with a boutique search firm helping MNCs hire top leaders, I found myself again searching for a new goal.

I joined Sequoia India (now Peak XV) in 2010; helping startups gave me the purpose I was looking for. While MNCs often hire clones, startups hire company builders and hyper-growth leaders. I saw how a single leader could change the trajectory of a company. I saw how dreams converted to reality, and reality into massive companies. I love the brilliance, passion, and vision of the founders that I have the privilege of working with.

Driven people look for impact and average people look for safety.

We are on the hunt for irrational leaders who are excited by challenges. Who want to work with daring founders and be part of a unified vision to create an enduring company. Along the way, you will face challenges and ambiguity. At times, you will question why you made the change. The vision, impact, and conviction that drives founders will energize you every day to achieve heights you may have never imagined.

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