What does this rebrand mean for Sequoia India/SEA founders, what changes?

Going forward, Sequoia India/SEA will be known as Peak XV Partners globally. If you’re the founder of Sequoia India/SEA portfolio, you can continue to mention across your website and other public facing assets that your startup is backed by Sequoia India/SEA as applicable. 

Follow-on investments out of Sequoia branded funds can use “Sequoia India/SEA, now known as Peak XV Partners.”

We are grateful for our founders’ continued partnership and there will be no change in the way we engage with them.

What will happen to new startup investments? How will they get addressed?

New company investments out of past and current Sequoia branded funds can use “Peak XV Partners, formerly known as Sequoia India/SEA.”

Will there be any changes to the team that engages with founders? 

There will be no change in our investment strategy or team or in our operating team that will continue to support company building. We will continue to serve the founders and ecosystems where they operate with the flexibility that comes with an independent brand. As before, we will do everything in our power to help you succeed. You will find us switched on and ready to serve.

Will there be any changes to prospects of follow on funding rounds? 

As part of the recent funds raised for India/SEA, we have $2.5 billion of uninvested capital to double-down to continue our mission of supporting outlier founders.

Will there be any changes to existing fund sizes or terms?

No, we do not have any plans to do so. 

How does this impact programs like Surge and Spark?

These and all our other programs and initiatives such as Guild, Build, PitStop, Horizon that have been very well received by founders will continue as before as part of Peak XV Partners.