Build, created in partnership with xto10x, is a scale-up program for growth-stage portfolio companies looking to turn rapid speed into sustainable growth that compounds over time.

10 Scaling Pillars

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  1. Business Design Uncover your big moves for 10x growth
  2. Org & Leadership Setup the org to fit your strategy
  3. OKRs & Biz Fin Convert strategic “whats” into “hows”
  4. Customer Experience Understand CX drivers to power growth
  5. Founder’s Growth Lead business; lead others; lead self
  6. Branding & Marketing Build a brand that stands out
  7. Growth & Product Optimise every stage of customer funnel
  8. People & Culture Take a “PRD” approach to org building
  9. Ops Excellence Design-first approach to ops at scale
  10. Tech & Data Drive scale through a clear blueprint


Deep Operating Content

Drawing on our tribal knowledge and xto10x's startup operating experience

Interactive Roundtables

Core scaling concepts are brought alive through storytelling and innovative exercise formats


The Best Operator Minds

Top operators and thinkers lead the sessions and share their journeys

Founder to Founder Sharing

Curated groups of growth-stage startups at similar stage, in formats designed to encourage sharing



Mentors act as thought partners and help transform learning into practice