Kriti Arora

“If you make an effort, you will be able to make a difference.”

Company: Mantys
Founded in: 2022

Mantys founder Kriti Arora, who grew up in a small town in Haryana in Northern India, is on a mission to help organisations make faster data-backed decisions.

Her drive to make a difference goes back to her college days when she was pursuing an undergraduate degree in commerce at Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi. She and her classmates decided to take action against miscreants whose unruliness during Holi (Indian festival of colours) would keep students away from college, impacting their education. Kriti filed a petition in court asking for strict police patrolling around the college during the festival, putting an end to the harassment. 

While in college, Kriti was exposed to the growing startup ecosystem in Delhi and felt it was the path for her. She worked with a few startups before graduating and later joined McKinsey as a Business Analyst where she worked with enterprises across different sectors. 

“I was eager to learn about starting up – pursuing a problem, finding a solution, and seeing it make a meaningful impact.”

Kriti later joined A91 Partners as a financial analyst where she had the opportunity to learn from several startups and entrepreneurs across sectors. As part of her role she worked closely with startup CFOs and Company Secretaries, and realised that there was a huge gap in financial planning and analysis tools for high growth companies. As companies and teams grow, their data starts sitting in disparate locations, and a lot of the analysis is done using tools that are not able to fulfil sophisticated analysis needs. While there are many products for enterprises, nothing encourages data-driven and easy decision-making for mid-market and high growth companies.

Kriti felt passionately about this pain point and almost instantly felt like this was a problem she could solve. She launched Mantys, a SaaS platform which helps companies to get and track all their data – including financial and business metrics – in one place and in real time. This empowers teams to simulate different scenarios, get insights faster, and be empowered to plan for the future.

Kriti launched Mantys with her co-founder, Mudit Dangi who previously worked at D.E. Shaw India. She is based in Bengaluru where Mantys is headquartered.