Akriti Gupta

The most fundamental part of being an entrepreneur is doing something that pushes the society in the right direction and sustains that momentum.

Company: Jollee
Founded in: 2022

Akriti Gupta knew while growing up that she wanted to do something in the childcare space. That clarity of thought led to the launch of Jollee, a one-stop, expert-picked shopping destination for parents, which operates in categories including clothing, books, toys, and baby gear.

During the  second year of her MBA at IIM Ahmedabad, she set out to explore different market opportunities in the childcare segment. She quickly realised that there is a lot to be done in the retail space. While the sector is focused on selling to the parent as a customer, keeping the child as a consumer in mind is equally important. The idea firmed up when a close friend and new mom had almost no clarity on the right kind of products to buy for her newborn. 

Continuous conversations with parents for over five years kept deepening the thought that parents are also growing with their child, and can use help at every  stage. They need reliable recommendations for their child’s needs and a platform to purchase them. The pandemic aggravated the need for such a solution as the online platforms that parents could access didn’t really provide much guidance on what to buy.

With this insight, Akriti started working towards creating an ecosystem to bridge the gap. She ventured briefly into the manufacturing space by launching Tiny Toddler which produced and sold comfortable children’s clothing for weddings and parties, and then built and scaled the children’s category from scratch at Udaan before finally launching Jollee.

“While I figured out the space I wanted to start up in, I wanted to make sure I had enough data and insight into the entire chain – manufacturing, retailing, consumer sentiment as well as operations – so that I could give the consumers the best product in the market.”

Jollee is a personalised shopping companion for children’s needs that provides parents targeted recommendations on what’s best for their child. By curating products based on the child’s age, the platform is designed to show less and only what is most relevant. Jollee adapts to a  parents’ rapidly evolving needs for their growing children, making the shopping experience hassle-free for new – and often anxious – parents. Products listed on Jollee are kids-approved, sustainable, and hand-picked by experts. With Jollee, Akriti is building a platform that not just fills a gap but also inspires trust.

“I’ve always believed that if your childhood is well-rounded, you will grow up to be a happier adult. And, if Jollee and I can contribute to that childhood in a fruitful way, I would consider our mission accomplished.”

Before Jollee, Akriti was a category manager at She is currently based out of Gurgaon where Jollee is headquartered.