Pallavi Chakravorty

Meritic founder Pallavi Chakravorty
Company: Meritic
Launched: July 2023

Meritic is building a storytelling co-pilot to help mid-market companies automate their reporting and analytics.

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) teams in the CFO’s office are tasked with analyzing tons of data, performing routine analysis, and coming up with business insights. This takes up the bulk of their daily bandwidth. Meritic provides an AI-powered platform that helps FP&A teams derive fast and insightful analysis in an automated manner. This leads to significant time savings and more informed decision-making. At the core of Meritic’s technology are knowledge graphs that define the relationships between different metrics specific to a company. These knowledge graphs guide the AI engine to do highly contextual and accurate root cause analysis, financial commentary generation, variance analysis, and outlier detection.

Meritic is headquartered in Boston and was founded in July 2023 by Pallavi Chakravorty, Swapnil Basak, and Nipun Gupta.

Pallavi is a Harvard Business School graduate as well as an alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. She worked with the Boston Consulting Group before spending four years with Peak XV (formerly Sequoia India & Southeast Asia), where she focused on FinTech and payment startups. It was during her time at Peak XV that Pallavi realized how automation could transform the CFO’s office by unlocking new efficiencies.