Harsha Mulchandani

Harsha Mulchandani, founder of Wordsworth AI
Company: Wordsworth AI
Launched: February 2024

Wordsworth AI is building at the intersection AI and commerce, to disrupt personalization for e-commerce businesses.

Harsha Mulchandani founded Wordsworth AI in February 2024. 

Harsha’s family runs a small business in India, and dinner table conversations growing up often revolved around sales, products, and pricing. This environment nurtured her budding entrepreneurial sensibilities and instilled a love for consumer businesses in her. 

Harsha has previously worked with US-based e-commerce aggregator Heyday and has also worked with the Boston Consulting Group as well as WestBridge Capital. A graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Harsha also has an MBA from Harvard Business School.