Dr. Renita Rajan

Dr. Renita Rajan, founder of CHOSEN, Spark 03
Company: CHOSEN
Launched: January 2020

CHOSEN addresses the need for high-performance skin care products with its cosmeceutical and nutraceutical offerings sold through its e-commerce platform.

The beauty and self-care industry has been on an upward trajectory despite a turbulent macroeconomic environment. The skincare industry in particular is projected to experience an annual growth rate of 3.08%. With the boundary between wellness and beauty blurring, the market is worth about $2 trillion for brands, retailers, and investors globally.

The segment’s growth is widely attributed to the increase in spending power as well as the availability of products catering to diverse needs. CHOSEN has recognized the need for well-tested products in the space.

Many of CHOSEN’s products are specialized. This includes sunscreen formulations that are compatible with makeup, specialized for pregnant women, and formulated to be free of endocrine disruptors to suit those at an increased risk of cancer. The company also offers a range of products to supplement in-clinic dermatology procedures like laser treatments for better end results. While dermatologists often use CHOSEN’s high-grade products in their prescriptions, the brand also offers over-the-counter skin and hair care products, as well as nutritional supplements. 

CHOSEN’s founder, Dr. Renita Rajan, is a cosmetic dermatologist with close to two decades of experience in the field. She heads a laser dermatology clinic which has served over 40,000 clients. Founded in January 2020 as a retail flagship store in Chennai, CHOSEN evolved into a pan-India e-commerce platform that also ships internationally.