Carla Penn-Kahn

Carla Penn-Kahn, Founder of Profit Peak
Company: Profit Peak
Launched: November 2023

Profit Peak is a SaaS platform that provides e-commerce businesses with actionable data insights to enhance their profitability.

E-commerce businesses rely on multiple platforms to manage sales, advertising expenditures, inventory data, and operational costs, leading to the formation of data silos.

By offering high-quality insights on one platform, Profit Peak empowers businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their operations, customers, market trends and unit economics. This, in turn, enables businesses to make informed decisions, fostering growth through improved operating margins and an expedited path to profitability.

This data-driven method has been tried and tested by Profit Peak’s team. Headquartered in Sydney, Carla Penn-Kahn and David Kahn co-founded Profit Peak in November 2023. 

Prior to launching Profit Peak, Carla and David bootstrapped and scaled Everten and Kitchenware Australia, and developed the platform for these e-commerce businesses. The software’s success, when deployed at Everten and Kitchenware Australia, encouraged its makers to exit the kitchenware business and roll out Profit Peak for other e-commerce businesses.

A second-time founder in the e-commerce industry, Carla’s expertise lies in scaling e-commerce businesses profitably. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Carla was a part of Credit Suisse’s private banking investment team.