Suraj Laungani

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“Reach for the stars - even if you fail, you’ll land in the clouds, and that’s higher than most people will ever climb to in their lives.”

I’m a second generation Indian immigrant born and raised in Taiwan, and I had the privileges of a good education, conservative parents, and an inclination for going against the grain – the perfect ingredients for a chemical reaction. Growing up, there were many. I’m grateful for every single one of those because I learned how to stand up for the things I truly believe in.

I’ve been a waiter, worked in a call-center, been a software tester, sold FMCG products, been a product manager, worked in a warehouse, and restarted my career to become a recruiter – all before the age of 30. I’m grateful for all of it because I learned how to truly believe in myself and find purpose in this life.

Joining Peak XV felt like the culmination of years of going against the grain, pushing the envelope, standing up for the things I believe in and believing in myself, and somehow through this amazing journey I found my tribe – the dreamers, the underdogs, the outliers, the true believers. Getting to work with people who embody these words every single day is a dream and a privilege.

An interesting story.

I love meeting new people and hearing about their journeys, understanding their “why” and scratching beneath their surface to really figure out what makes them tick.

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