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“Simple and effective communication can solve the most complex problems. Put on someone's shoes, and then come up with ideas to address their concerns.”

Being a good student has its drawbacks. I wasn’t allowed to take Humanities in school, and was encouraged to become a doctor. Thankfully, I failed miserably in the medical entrance exams, and opted for journalism instead. What followed was 18 years of pure passion – breaking stories, anchoring news programs, and interviewing global bigwigs for India’s leading television network.

Journalism teaches you skills that last a lifetime. Plus, spending years in the corridors of power chasing news stories gives you a deep insight into how policymakers think, and what excites or worries them. So when I decided to switch careers, Public Policy seemed a natural choice.

At Uber and Salesforce, I worked on several pressing challenges at the intersection of technology and policy. When Sequoia India & Southeast Asia created a Public Policy role, it offered a unique chance to leverage that experience to help promote progressive policies for a flourishing startup ecosystem.

What excites me the most today, at Peak XV Partners, is the deep engagement with founders – helping them manage regulatory risks, navigating a complex maze of policies, and advising them on ways to create a favourable regulatory environment for their sectors.

I’m always on the lookout for partnership ideas that help align the vision of founders and policymakers. I love working with startups that value the deep impact public policy can have on their businesses. And I love collaborating with governments to help craft sensible policies that allow a fine balance between innovation and regulation. I’m constantly scouting for new tools and ideas to influence policy making, and educate governments on the transformational impact of technology. Sometimes, it’s as simple as sharing powerful and inspiring stories of how startups are changing the world around us.

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