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“Authenticity over everything. At home, work, or anywhere; be so completely yourself that others can be themselves with you too.”

The human mind and psychology have always interested me. Not having the option to choose that in school, I dove headfirst into it when I got the chance in undergrad and then followed it up with a Masters in Organizational Psychology.

Wondering about the best way to utilize what I had learnt, I decided to join an Executive Search firm at the start of my career in 2007. Several failures and successes along the way, I realized that recruiting is my calling. The joy of meeting new people, making connections, and helping them shape their careers, the way they dream is what drives me to do what I do.

Joining Sequoia India (now Peak XV) in 2019 was a big shift in my career. The age group of my audience dropped by half and I went from traditional sectors to the pulsating startup ecosystem. I learnt to manage and assess these new age candidates – understanding and accepting that changing jobs every two-three years doesn’t question stability anymore, it’s just how things work.

Mission driven candidates. Folks who want to create a dent and can’t keep still. The dogged disruptors.

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