Shenya Wang

  • SEA
“The journey to building an enduring company starts with founders who are out to solve a specific problem in an authentic way, scale with a growth mindset and a clear value system of being truly long-term.”

I was born and raised in a small town in Southwestern China. My family and I saw first-hand how Internet technologies have tremendously elevated the lives of the average people in China. The access we gained to products, services and even educational resources in the span of one generation was game changing.

When I was 15, I earned a scholarship to study in Singapore – the interviews were the first I’d ever had in English. Despite fears of the unknown I was drawn by the potential opportunities that an overseas education might open up for me. I decided to go and my parents gave me their blessings. I’ve been overseas ever since. Living, studying and working so far away from family and facing new challenges head on at each life stage, from my teens onward, taught me to be adaptable and resilient.

I spent time at BCG working with companies across Southeast Asia, spanning consumer, retail, infrastructure and TMT sectors, before joining the world of venture capital. I am motivated every day to connect Chinese founders with regional ambitions to ASEAN markets, or help Southeast Asian founders with insights and learnings from China and the rest of the world.

I have been lucky to be involved in companies across industries, spanning e-commerce, logistics, EdTech, Fintech, SaaS and Web3. I don’t limit myself to specific sectors. I’m on the lookout for next-gen companies that could fundamentally change how we live and work. I pay close attention to generational shifts, like Gen Z and Gen Alpha’s attitudes towards social media and gaming, the future of remote work and learning, the future of decentralization and new ways of owning assets.

More than anything, I am looking for authentic partnerships with founders where we not only celebrate moments of success, but more importantly talk about bad news and challenges – and power through the dips together. I don’t care about resumes or traditional pedigrees. I gravitate to people who stay true towards their vision in hard times and have the desire to keep learning. My true passion really lies in working alongside people like this and doing everything I can to enable their success. If you are building next-generation technology to power the future, I want to help.

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Family / Foodie / Psychology / Skiing / Badminton

Current Companies

  • BUD is a user-generated metaverse platform designed to unleash the creativity of Gen Alpha and Gen Z with easy-to-use no-code tools.
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  • SUNRATE is a global payment and treasury management platform that empowers cross-border businesses.
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  • Zenyum is a dental care brand that combines customised services with cutting-edge tech to create ‘Smile Cosmetics’.
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