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“Startups are an exercise in alchemy—conjuring greatness from nothing. The chance to have a small role to play in this magical exercise is a responsibility I do not take lightly.”

I grew up in a typical “Marwari” (trader community in India) household where entrepreneurship was the only valid profession. Dinner conversations revolved around “byaaj” (interest payments) and “munafa” (profit), and calculating taxes was a party trick you were taught much before the fifth grade. 

I’ve been in Bangalore all my life and have seen the city evolve from a quaint, green city to the action-packed megapolis it has become today. And yet, thanks to the internet, I feel like a global citizen. 

I learned about startups and venture capital through blog posts and podcasts and decided at the age of 19 that I wanted to be a venture capitalist without even knowing what it meant or what I was signing up for. I just knew that the opportunity to work with great entrepreneurs and their companies could be thrilling. After university, I called many venture firms, only to be shooed away for having no experience, but also because I did not come from a name school. 

Much of my professional career has been the outcome of the unbounded generosity of people. I landed my first job in consulting through a cold email. There was no reason for them to meet with me as I did not meet their hiring profile and yet they did, altering my trajectory forever. I remain deeply indebted to them and hope to extend similar kindness to others.  

Working with early-stage companies is a privilege bar none. Often, we meet companies when they have nothing more than the blurry contours of a powerful idea, and it is an honor to help co-build something enduring brick by brick. 

I am drawn to obsessives. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, and I draw most energy from founders who are wildly passionate about the craft of product building, the mechanics of their market, or even company design. There is often an intense degree of commitment that defines them, an innate, single-minded desire to make a dent. Inversely, I also find that these are the people who are the most humble – information sponges who are constantly absorbing, learning, and iterating; they have an unshakable belief in the outcome but also have tremendous flexibility in their tactics. 

I’m most excited about all things AI. It is already playing a transformative role in reshaping how enterprises work – both in the services they offer to their customers and in the way they are managed. AI is also reshaping the lives of consumers – how we learn, how we heal and how we love. 

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Current Companies

  • Mindgrove Technologies designs state of the art scalable, and reliable System-on-Chips (SoCS) in India
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  • Rigi is a platform for creators, influencers and celebrities to grow, manage and monetise their community. It is aimed at both established and aspiring online creators who want to pursue their passion.
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