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“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow.”

I grew up in Delhi and have had the opportunity to live in seven cities in India. I have always been a keen observer of the cultural and behavioral nuances of people and places. Besides inculcating a deep appreciation for diverse perspectives, this has also helped me keep an open mind about exploring career paths and opportunities. 

I studied to be a computer engineer. The discipline helped strengthen my problem-solving skills while also nurturing my passion for numbers. Eventually, I found myself drawn towards the world of finance and investments while working on a software development project for a US-based public market fund. The experience from this project led me to pursue an MBA with a specialization in finance.

My transition from engineering to finance has been nothing less than exciting. 

A decade-long stint in investment banking at JP Morgan in India and the US has equipped me with invaluable industry experience. I worked on and led some market-defining mergers and acquisitions and fundraises across traditional technology and business services, as well as new-age economy sectors. During this time, I crossed paths with many Indian founders and realized that I could use my expertise and add value to the startup ecosystem.

As part of Peak XV’s strategic development team, I lean on my extensive background in finance to provide strategic guidance to portfolio companies, particularly in matters of capital raising, IPO preparations, and executing successful exits.

I love working with founders who have clarity of thought and mission. I look forward to collaborating closely with entrepreneurs and corporate development teams on their journey to a successful public listing and beyond. This entails active cap table management by introducing and engaging with the right set of private market investors at various growth stages, and positioning the equity story for public market investors. 

Similarly, I look forward to exploring other avenues of value creation for our companies, alongside founders and investors in the ecosystem, with tuck-in acquisitions by larger corporations or platform acquisitions by private equity players.

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