Prachi Pawar

  • Seed/Surge
“Being a part of the seed team at Surge and working with founders on their zero to one journey has made me an eternal optimist.”

I moved a lot as a kid because of my dad’s job. By the time I was in the 10th grade, I had changed schools five times. To make friends and navigate new environments, I started becoming proactive and even a little entrepreneurial. I joined clubs and groups and even started a small business with my neighbor at age 11. Over time, I realized that what I enjoyed the most was being a part of something from scratch. From that point on my journey has been shaped by the desire to build something new.

After an undergrad in engineering, I joined a fashion startup as employee #5.  I went from studying capacitors to measuring inseams. Eventually, I took on responsibility for the P&L, managing everything from supply operations to merchandising. I learned a ton and had a total blast along the way. Above all, the founder’s energy was just infectious!

The desire to learn more about business and meet entrepreneurial people led me to an MBA at Harvard. While I did intern with a large fashion business afterwards, I knew the startup world was where I belonged. That led me to a role at Surge, where I get to work with super early stage startups. Every day is packed with learning about different sectors and the different ways in which founders approach problems.

What I love most is being that first port of call for founders. I am grateful for having the chance to be on this incredible journey with them.

Anyone who has the ambition to make a dent in the world, no matter what their pedigree or background. If you’re building something incredible and innovative that can impact the lives of people, I would love to meet you!

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Current Companies

  • Absolute Foods intersects technology, science, and agriculture to go beyond organic food - focusing on produce that is 100% natural and Non-GMO.
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  • Animall aims to improve the lives of dairy farmers in a meaningful way by making dairy farming significantly more profitable.
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