Mohit Abraham

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“The best idea can come from anywhere and it should always win. Listen; to identify it, and then be fearless in advocating it.”

I’ve spent virtually my entire life immersed in different cultures and experiences. I am from Kerala but grew up in Gujarat. I studied law in Kolkata and Cambridge, MA and have worked and lived in Mumbai, Delhi, San Francisco, Los Angeles and now Bangalore.

My career, much like my life experiences, has also been diverse. I started as an M&A lawyer, then became a litigator and Advocate on Record of the Supreme Court. Later I co-founded my own law firm, merged it with another big law firm, and since 2015 worked closely with startups and daring founders. Along the way, I have worked on many bet-the-company issues, managed legal teams and issues across every major jurisdiction in the world, and been a part of multiple fundraises and other milestone moments for a company.

I have seen from close quarters the blood, toil, tears and sweat that founders pour in to build legendary companies. It is the hardest professional journey anyone could undertake. My motivation is to play a small part in making that journey easier.