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“My whole life I’ve tried to surround myself with people who are smarter than me. It’s motivating as well as humbling.”

As a kid, I loved exploring new technologies. From fixing old televisions with my uncle as a 10 year old to building robots and self-driving cars throughout my undergrad, I’ve always had a knack for making things work. Born into a family of tech entrepreneurs and operators, dinner table conversations were often about unit economics of different e-commerce models as the start-up boom was happening in India.

I studied engineering at IIT Bombay, and co-founded an AgTech company with a few classmates. It failed to take off because we weren’t ready to drop out and run the company full time, but we learned invaluable lessons about the challenges founders face getting from zero to one. I joined Deutsche Bank after my undergraduate studies, but the pull from the startup world was strong. I started looking for passionate founders and innovative startups that I could join, and eventually wound up in venture capital. After a stint with a domestic VC firm, I spent time at two Silicon Valley funds during my MBA at Harvard that were starting to focus on India, which eventually led me to Peak XV Partners.

I look for founders who radiate genuine passion and high EQ. For people whose life calling is to solve a given problem and ensure that everyone else gets to benefit from their solution.

Often founders who change the face of an industry come scarred by the challenges of the industry’s status quo.  Deep understanding of the problem often manifests into an even deeper passion to solve it. The ability to translate and transmit that feeling to their team, to early believers and to customers is a founder’s super power – and the cornerstone of a truly formidable enduring business. The best founders have the ability to share their passion, almost by reverse osmosis, to anyone who interacts with them or with the product they build.

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Current Companies

  • Atlys is a mobile application designed to make the process of applying for travel visas easy and fast.
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  • Circles.Life's digital products and no-contract, data-focused mobile plans are revolutionising the digital services industry through a customer-centric user journey.
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  • Growth School partners with the top 1% of industry experts to create high-impact programs on personal and professional growth for learners all over the world.
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  • Mokobara is a design-centric luggage brand known for its stylish, durable, and innovative travel products.
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  • Toplyne helps sales teams at product-led companies convert their freemium users within minutes through a no-code platform.
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