Kartik Jain

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“Leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others.”

My life was predominantly fueled by the values instilled in me by my father. His clarity regarding familial bonds and unwavering dedication to provide us with the best in life, despite enduring significant sacrifices, stand out. Above all, resilience underpinned his life, and I drew inspiration remarkably close to home.

Drawing on the values I saw in my father, I was determined to become financially independent as early as possible so that I could also lend a hand in supporting my loved ones.

At 21, I became a chartered accountant in India. During this time, I was mindful of minimizing my education expenses and kept them remarkably low by opting for self-study instead of paying for tuition. This period was undoubtedly challenging since chartered accounting can be a demanding field, and qualifying for it entails a rigorous process in India. It was around this time that I discovered my profound interest in computers. I acquired my first personal computer in 2000 and, albeit inadvertently, crashed it the very next day due to my exploratory endeavors, which involved deleting a few essential files.

Notwithstanding the crash, this brush with computers ignited a lasting passion for technology within me. While advancing in my tax and finance career, I strategically melded my financial acumen with a passion for technology to craft solutions. To remain current with technological advancements, I continued to pursue a variety of learning avenues, including a course on data sciences from IBM, and made sure to translate this theoretical knowledge into practical applications.

I encountered multiple challenges throughout my journey, including the absence of mentorship and a dearth of resources. Challenges such as these taught me the importance of perseverance and fueled my desire to empower others by taking the time to mentor my team so that they too can rise above difficulties.

I firmly believe that we possess the ability to shape our destinies through unwavering determination and passion, while empowering others to realize their full potential.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from life, it is the importance of perseverance and to keep proceeding (with caution) even when you are in doubt. The inertia of moving forward must not break.