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“Growth is not linear. It's what you do when things go sideways that makes the difference.”

Life threw me the first curveball when my dad’s business went bankrupt during the Asian Financial Crisis. Pretty much overnight, I was told that my lifelong dream of pursuing an overseas degree would be financially out of reach. Several years later, when I was working grueling hours in a rural area of Indonesia, I had a near-death experience when the small propeller plane I was on lost control under turbulent weather. And amidst life’s ironies, I lost my best friend the same month I welcomed my firstborn. It was through these setbacks that I felt I grew the most. I learnt what it means to dig deep and rebound, to not waste time pursuing someone else’s dreams, and to always strive towards being a force for good.

At Peak XV Partners, I am humbled by the opportunity to do all these and more. Every day I am surrounded by founders with bold dreams of making a dent in the problem they have chosen to solve. With each talent placed and human capital issue solved, I get a front-row seat in supporting our founders and through them, play my part in uplifting the millions of underserved communities they reach. What a privilege that is!

Exceptional talent with heart, hunger, and humility.

Through my career in consulting and recruiting, I have been privileged to meet many people who are at the top of their game. What sets them apart is never just their skills and experience. The best of the best have the heart and passion to define their own mission in life and stay authentic even when it seems contrarian. They have the hunger and grit to keep going, even in the toughest of setbacks. Most importantly, they have the humility to keep learning and acknowledge that success doesn’t always happen because of them, sometimes it happens in spite of them.

So instead of asking about your greatest achievement, I’d rather know about your biggest failure and what you did about it. Give it a try, you’d be surprised at how much you can tell about someone’s resourcefulness, resilience, and everything else you are looking for in your next needle-moving hire.

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