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“In a world where there's plenty of incredible talent, obsession beats pure talent most of the time.”

I was born and raised in Singapore. Growing up, my innate curiosity consistently fueled my hunger to learn and experiment with new things—I learned piano, aikido, and Korean in my schooling years. I have also been a barista, a policeman, and an entrepreneur, having launched a business with my friends selling customized tie-dyed bags when we were 18. I believe life is too short to hold back from pursuing our intrinsic interests and passions.

My path towards venture capital was arguably an unconventional one. I did not come from a banking, consulting, or startup background. After receiving my undergraduate degree, I did a stint at a government economic agency before joining the corporate development team at Cisco Systems.

Being in corporate development allowed me to wear multiple hats for projects ranging from venture investments to mergers and acquisitions. That was my initial foray into the world of venture capital and enterprise software. It was the beginning of a constant itch to grasp new technology concepts and learn from brilliant minds every day, and I have been fortunate enough to be able to double down on my career in venture capital ever since.

Half a decade later, I found myself drawn to the vision and generational mindset of the team here at Peak XV, which truly supports founders in building enduring companies from Day One. Venture funds might come and go, but sustainable companies that embrace a growth mindset and adapt to disruptive forces can last for decades and generations.

It’s a privilege to do what I do. Each day represents an opportunity to explore and collaborate with founders in shaping the future.

Founders who challenge existing primitives and principles and are absolutely obsessed with what they are building and why. In a world where there’s plenty of incredible talent, I believe that obsession beats pure talent most of the time. I work best with founders who are like willow trees—they are firmly rooted in their conviction but are adaptable and open-minded when required.

I enjoy working with founders who embody a blend of clarity, infectious energy, and authenticity. It truly takes a village to build a company that lasts for generations, and being a talent magnet is a non-negotiable characteristic for a founder. I partner with founders to be their devil’s advocate during the good times and an ardent supporter during the challenging ones.

If you are building something in software, data/AI, cybersecurity, and deep tech, I’d love to hear from you.

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