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“Most companies start as underdogs but it is the grit and determination which make them winners.”

My family ran several businesses, first in lending and later, pharma. I pitched in from a young age, and always had a natural inclination towards numbers and an eagerness to learn more about how businesses work. Curiosity about the intricacies of business regulations and tax law led me to Chartered Accountancy.  After graduating, I joined Goldman Sachs’ Private Equity arm, which gave me an opportunity to work closely with some pretty innovative businesses.

After spending a few years at Goldman, I realised that I wanted to focus on the wider Asian region and joined Sequoia India & Southeast Asia. I was excited by the opportunity to work closely with businesses across the region, and leverage my skills to help them solve financial problems.

At Peak XV Partners, what really stands out for me is the opportunity and experience of seeing exceptional founders who are building innovative, category-defining products and services.

Founders who are innovative and are constantly raising the bar. Their journey, as founders and leaders, will inevitably bring new and unique challenges about structuring the business, managing cash flow and building good quality data for fundraising. I look forward to connecting with them to find creative solutions and navigate through the tough situations.

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