Building Your Brand as an Early-Stage Startup

August 27, 2021

9:30am IST | 11am WIB | 12pm SGT

Brand building can be more difficult to measure than many marketing tactics, but it is the foundation upon which all those measurable tactics can be seeded to grow.

Successfully building a great brand does not necessarily require large budgets. Brand building manifests in everything you do. The ultimate goal is to build a brand that delivers a point of difference based on why you do what you do, responds to a clear customer insight, and garners love and respect from customers, investors, and other stakeholders because it has a clear purpose, position, and pursuit. This won’t happen overnight but it does have to begin from Day One.

Key takeaways

  • Brand building starts from day one
  • People buy the “Why”, not the “What”
  • Insight leads to positioning
  • Brand building manifests in everything you do

*This event has ended. Stay tuned for future events!