Clarisights: Empowering marketing teams

Sequoia Capital India is thrilled to support Arun, Ankur and Ashu in their journey and lead Clarisights’ Series A round.

Ashish Agrawal

Published October 8, 2021

Today, operating teams across business functions have to process large amounts of data from a wide variety of sources to make everyday decisions.

Marketing teams, for instance, at most mid to large sized companies use over 30 tools across ad platforms like Google and Facebook, campaign orchestration platforms like Marketo, user engagement tools like Clevertap and Braze, product analytics tools like Amplitude, and CRM tools like Salesforce. To analyse and make decisions using the data across these tools, the typical marketing team either has a patchwork of google sheets or a horizontal data warehouse stack (For instance, Fivetran + Snowflake + Tableau), supported by an in-house IT team. Sadly, google sheets don’t scale as both the volume of data volume and sources increase. Horizontal data warehouses, meanwhile, typically come with predefined dashboards, and any custom reports needs an intervention from IT and takes weeks to create.

We had been tracking Clarisights, a vertical data stack for marketing teams which was tackling this very problem, since October 2020. We first met up with Arun Srinavasan and Ankur Gupta, as well as their CTO, Ashu Pachauri, over Zoom and in between the multiple Covid-linked lockdowns, sneaked an in-person meeting in Bangalore. The trio had previously co-founded a startup that helped enterprise customers improve marketing ROI. There, they saw the ever-widening gap between who can build reports (IT teams) and the people who use them on a day-to-day basis (end users in marketing teams). As Arun put it succinctly on our first call: every member of any marketing department should be able to generate a report she needs – and nobody should have to go to IT. In 2018, they founded Clarisights, with a mission to democratize access to data

Clarisights extracts data from a variety of marketing sources, stores it in its custom data warehouse, transforms it and provides reporting and analytics. It is used for tracking campaign ROI analytics, doing sales forecasting, and leadership reporting. Because it’s custom built for marketing, Clarisights innately understands each data source and is able to stitch that data together for the marketing department seamlessly, while enabling users to instantly generate insights and custom reports. Just like Amplitude, a Sequoia Capital investment, has become the default reporting and intelligence tool for product managers, Clarisights aspires to become the default tool for marketers.

Clarisights is already serving dozens of customers, including Uber, Deliveryhero, Hellofresh and Universal Music Group. The entire marketing department at these companies, sometimes hundreds of users, is using Clarisights on a daily basis. The product has become the default screen for these users, with each of them spending over 30 minutes, on average, on the product each day. Such engagement reflects a deep customer love for the product.

Sequoia Capital India is thrilled to support Arun, Ankur and Ashu in their journey and lead Clarisights’ Series A round.