Ying Jie Tan

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“The most fulfilling journeys often start with the courage to believe.”

I was born in Singapore, into a large Peranakan family that spoke a blend of English, Bahasa, Mandarin, and dialect. We grow up, move abroad, learn new things and choose new lifestyles; but our cultures never leave us. I am proud to call Southeast Asia my home.

I started my career as an organisational psychologist in the Singapore Defence Ministry, and the statistics-heavy nature of the role quickly led me into data science. The ability to hammer out code and uncover stories from numbers empowered me as a young data scientist and brought me on a journey – across business functions, into tech, building product, and eventually venture capital.

To work in the venture business offers me the tremendous privilege of meeting passionate, brilliant entrepreneurs pushing new frontiers with their ideas. But it also speaks to a deeper personal mission to create disruptive innovation, the sort that will power our future economies, and without which we most certainly cannot progress our societies.

We spend a good part of our lives working to find our place and to hear our own voice. The journey can be a noisy and arduous one, but eventually our true authentic selves always shines through. It is my hope that each of us uncovers that best version of ourselves and brings forth our force that will change the world.

Founders who are bold, ambitious and eager to blaze new trails. Founders who are focused and decisive. Founders who have a huge capacity – for feedback, trials and tribulations, and all the small things that will realise big dreams.

I’d love to learn something new from you about a problem you have studied deeply, and be the fresh pair of eyes to challenge your thoughts. I believe in being the partner in your journey that will stretch you to think bigger everyday, and that offers you the courage and super-connections to build a big, global company.

If you are building something, especially in SaaS, deep tech or with AI to it, I’d love to chat!

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