Siddharth Rao

  • Operations
“Don’t be afraid to be nice.”

I spent my formative years growing up in relatively unusual settings. For the most part this was between a tropical island in the Indian ocean and an alternative-ed boarding school in South India (during a time when the mention of ‘alternative education’ in India elicited more concern than admiration from most people).  As a result, I grew up as a bit of an idealist.

My resolve to change the world led to my joining private practice (of course), and I cut my teeth on private equity legal advisory during India’s first big PE-wave.

I’ve since been a volunteer at a community-led not for profit, an early employee of a start-up social enterprise, a member of a global not-for-profit’s ‘access to law’ team, and (surprise) a VC-transactions lawyer.

I’ve had the pleasure and the privilege of growing with Sequoia India since 2015.

Parent / Aspiring Mental Health Champion / Looking at my Guitar / Reading / Writing