Saumya Agarwal

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“There is no problem in failing - and falling. We grow from our failures as much as we do from our triumphs.”

I come from a traditional family where college pretty much defined the boundary of a woman’s ambition. The steps were set: graduation, marriage, kids, sustenance. I broke that proverbial ceiling just by being the first female in the family in both my immediate and extended family to go to work. Driving (myself) to work in a car was also a first!!

I have been a career recruiter. I started as an external recruiter, then moved to help international organizations set up teams in India; later I moved into online grocery, then edtech and finally a media tech company. Over the years, I have found my passion in helping organizations find that one missing great candidate. That person who will help a startup achieve the true potential of the idea. And once the right person joins that promising organization, it is highly gratifying to see the business scale.

I love my role at Surge because this is where the action starts. This is the real early stage venture. The main challenge (and the thrill) is collaborating with founders to help build their core team and bring in the talent that can help them win. Those early leadership hires help shape the company’s culture and trajectory, in so many ways.

Building paths where there are none, finding solutions where there don’t seem to be any, always challenging the status quo: if these are the credos you live by, you can be in any sector, any geography (even remote)… let’s connect.

If you are a startup founder, ping me to discuss ideas around building organizations, next-level recruiting strategies and how to attract top tier talent to join in your mission.

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