Parag Sonar

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“I believe that every problem has a solution. And I always try to be the one to find it.”

I did odd jobs from an early age because I wanted to experience different things. I tried my hand at everything, even my own startup. But technology is what caught my attention. I was fascinated with the idea of reverse engineering. With playing around with things and trying to recreate them, especially gadgets.

My interest in automation has defined my career. Everywhere I’ve worked – from an international law firm to a global consulting firm – I’ve tried to use tech to improve efficiency and scale manual processes. One of my toughest stints was at a large mutual fund company. I was responsible for building and managing financial apps, infra, and security. In a financial institution, even the tiniest error in reporting data can have serious consequences. At times it felt so overwhelming. But no matter the challenge, my manager would say – “let’s do it”. That experience has led to my ‘can do’ attitude today.

My exposure to different industries – legal, financial, and tech – helps me understand the problems and use cases for different teams at Peak XV Partners. So I can build better solutions for them. I like to focus on both form and beauty. If you can’t balance both, your users won’t love your product.

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