Ashwani Verma

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“Every problem and every situation has a solution. You just need to understand the mindset and background of the person on the other side of the table and take a balanced approach.”

Growing up, I was super involved in cricket, athletics, basketball, and table tennis and wanted to be a sportsman. Ultimately, the excitement and responsibility of the legal profession drew me in, and everything just clicked. I was fascinated by the speed and the accuracy expected from this profession as well as the strategic thinking. We’re always looking for the best possible solution in the most complex situations.

The most exciting part of my role at Peak XV Partners is the opportunity to help numerous businesses in all kinds of emerging categories, especially where law lacks clarity. Timely solutions are critical in the startup world, and most situations do not merit delaying business activities and growth. My experience at the firm has taught me that every situation can have a win-win outcome as long as everyone comes to the table with a genuine intent to understand each other’s concerns. Empathy is good for business and one of the most important business skills.

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